Exioms listed as 20 Best Startup in India - StartupCity Magazine

Exioms has over 1000+ happy customers from Prestigious Fortune 500 to inspiring & ambitious Startups to Small and Medium Businesses. Exioms has successfully delivered 3000+ Projects to our esteemed customers.

Exioms Infrastructure

Exioms has a highly secure, robust and well-architectured infrastructure. Operating through world-class development centers, we follow global security practices that maintain security and comfort within the organizational atmosphere. With our strong internal infrastructure, we ensure the safety and security of people and data through proper and periodical risk-management audits and quality-checks. Our development centers also provide high-end, sophisticated environment to offshore teams.

Our Advantages

  1. 1Access-controlled world-class development centers.
  2. 2High-speed machines on a secure switched network.
  3. 3High-speed connectivity for 24x7 access to clients and server farms.
  4. 4Redundant UPS backup with backup generator for uninterrupted power.
  5. 5IBM-powered Windows and Linux servers for development.
  6. 6Amazon EC2 for deploying applications on Cloud.
  7. 7Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Storage for storing various static files for fast loading performance.
  8. 8Content Delivery Network (CDN) for static files, audio and videos.