Exioms listed as 20 Best Startup in India - StartupCity Magazine

Exioms has over 1000+ happy customers from Prestigious Fortune 500 to inspiring & ambitious Startups to Small and Medium Businesses. Exioms has successfully delivered 3000+ Projects to our esteemed customers.

Fact Sheet

  1. 120 Best Startup in Enterprise Software - StartupCity Magazine
  2. 2Exioms is recognized among the most exciting Start-up & Tech companies and listed as 2015 Asia Top 100 companies - Red Herring
  3. 3Exioms is Top 25 Web Design & Development Company (Awarded by SiliconIndia Magazine)
  4. 4Exioms Mobile Application awarded by Microsoft.
  5. 53000+ Projects delivered with success within 5 years.
  6. 6100+ dedicated professionals, engineers, artist, designers, consultants including seasoned professionals from IT, Finance & Automobile industries.
  7. 7Exioms Leadership comes from one of the world`s most prestigious educational institutes IIT, IIM & NIT.
  8. 8Exioms CMS is one of the most powerful Web Content Management system in India. It has transformed the way people build their online brand and empower them by giving self-editing functionality.
  9. 9Exioms has grown from 4 People to 100+ people within the span of 4 years. It has total 6 offices and presence over 14 cities worldwide.
  10. 10Exioms has now more than 100 Business partners working as Authorized Reseller, distributor & channel partners.
  11. 11 Exioms Dynamic diversity evolved from 1 services to more than 50 services within the span of 5 years.
  12. 12Founded in August 2010.